Oklahoma WWII Vet Says (D-OK) Dan Boren Turned in2 “Lap Dog” at Beckoning of Mistress Pelosi

Oklahoma WWI Veteran said that Dan Boren (D-OK) turned from blue dog to a lap dog at the beckoning of Mistress Pelosi, and that he does not like it.

The veteran said that he does not have anything against young Dan Boren, as he knew Boren’s daddy who was fine man.    But what he finds troubling is that when Pelosi called the democrats back to D.C., Dan Boren showed weakness.

Dan Boren, a democrat incumbent, is rivaling conservative republican candidate Charles Thompson for seat on US Congress (2nd district Oklahoma).

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McAlester Tea Party Host 911 Event

September 11, 2010 McAlester Tea Party coordinated 911 event that was held in McAlester, OK in front of Federal Building.  Tea party organizers were Lonnie Anderson and Mark Wood.

About 1oo people attended.   US Constitutions were distributed to the crowd.

The event began with opening prayer and pledge to the Flag, followed by reading of the US Constitution and patriotic poem reading “Blue Skies, We Remember”.  There was also a tribute recognizing all military veterans in attendance.


Charles Thompson (R-OK) candidate for US Congress District 2, who spoke of his recollection of 911; and mentioned that war with Islam is not new;


John Doak (R-OK) candidate for State Insurance Commissioner (thru his representative Prof. Cornell Cross from Tulsa) who spoke of his recollection of 911.  As Cornell held up the US Constitution, he asked the crowd to support a candidate who believes in the US Constitution, so long as they believe in it, so that they will fight the evil that is trying to kill us

This 911 event also included an audio tribute of actual 911 calls.

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